Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a waste!

Well I guess they have to try something new and see if it works, but in my opinion it is an enormous waste of taxpayers money, oh and it's so easy to spend other people's money.
I work at a Community Centre, which has been chosen to be one of four county wide Advanced Polling Stations for the upcoming election. So there are plenty of more around in each county all over Ontario. Here at the polling station are only 2 polling booths, five people are working here, plus one whose job is to check on them every three hours. I know from these people personally and I know from other sources, because they work the elections in a different town, that these five individuals make fairly good money per hour. I don't have a problem with what people make, I have a problem with what the government wastes, and I am just talking right now about this particular place here. These five people work 8 hours a day for the next 10 days to accommodate the public's chance to vote and that all for an average of 40 to 50 people a day who pass thru these doors to cast their ballots. Now that's what I call wasting money unnecessary on nothing really.
I don't think it will make more people come out to vote, the ones who decide to vote just have the chance of doing it more at their convenience.

Now here is just a little calculation for you.....

Hourly wages X hours worked X 10 days X 5 people X 4 locations X who knows how many advanced polling stations across Ontario + the cost of renting the facilities(and I know they pay something, because my supervisor was complaining about the lost revenue for this time period and she wanted some compensation for it, so nothing in life is free) = a lot of wasted hard earned taxpayers' money.

And that is not yet taking in consideration too that we get to work all these extra hours and are getting paid too.

But just my opinion....and it does not reflect my political stand, I would have this opinion with any government who uses in my eyes money wastefully.

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