Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What do you sound like?

Ever wonder what you sound like to other people? What's with the tone of your voice? Sometimes it's not what is said, but how it's said. And then I wonder, is that how you sound? or is that all how I perceive it according to my own mood and state of mind at that moment, how I feel?... or do you really sound like that?
My mom used to be certain that sometimes my tone of voice sounds like I am nagging or barking orders... I know I am not really a nagger but I also know that sometimes the frustration with the kids mostly makes me sound like I am just barking out orders at them, not my intention, but that's how it comes out and I am aware of it and try hard to keep an even keel with the tone of my voice, sometimes it works and sometimes I can hear it myself.

What do you sound like? I have people around me that every word that comes out of their mouth sounds to me like an accusation... or being totally pissed of at the world and trying to make everybody pay. Others are just whining and whining, to that I say bring on the cheese. Others are just overly hyper and overly excited and what they perceive as being calm and at bay sounds to my like total paranoia and anxiety. I guess everybody hears different things in their own voices and the voices of others. What do I sound like? I don't really know most of the times, but it makes me think and wonder how people perceive in my voice.

My favourite on the tone of voice is the tone of an email.... and yes I must admit I have done it before too, but like always that are just assumptions made because of my own feelings... but somehow one believes to read some kind of tone of voice of the sender in their email.... unless someone is visibly and readable swearing and bitching, how can you read something into the tone of the email? I definately know I have learnt a lot, I might still slip and slide into my old way of thinking at times, but I can now rationalize myself out of it, which makes life so much easier and makes me so much happier.

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