Monday, September 17, 2007

The end is near....

...well for someone dear to my heart one part of a long outdrawn ordeal is coming to an end today and hopefully with it are some brighter days ahead. I can only imagine, well I should say I can't really imagine, what this person has been through for the last few weeks. The physical pain and the constant visits to the hospital and doctors were excruciating, I know... it was written all over their face. It was hard for me to just stand by and watch from the outside, without being able to do a darn thing for them. I will be so glad when their pain is over and I am so proud and glad that they stuck with it and not let their usual stubbornness get the best of them. And I am most grateful that through all this they were still able to smile(somewhat)and sing. Yeah but you couldn't stick out your tongue at me lol...I know payback will be a bitch, but I am ready for it. :)

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