Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Well I finally had my first Arbor dog, and what a treat it was. Well the whole day was a treat. It didn't start out like that though, because I woke up with such a migraine that I just wanted to lie down and not move, but I thought this is probably one of the last nice days, so I was not gonna have anything spoil this. We left early in the morning to go and get our eyebrows threaded,after that we stopped at Tim Horton's for a coffee and banana nut muffin. Then we started our journey to Port Dover, but first we stopped at Giant Tiger in Simcoe, where I never had been before either, I found a few good bargains and was in shopping heaven, good stuff at affordable prices. Then we finally drove to Port Dover, had the infamous Arbor Dog, my first, and had a nice walk along the lake. It was an awesome day, the weather was great, we had the roof down on the Jeep and it was absolutely relaxing and fun. On the way back we met up with some friends at the Windmill, had some iced tea and some great conversation to round off our trip. It was so much fun, now I for sure don't feel like going back to work, I could just cruise around all day long, roof down, music playing, laughing, singing and just having plain simple fun.

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