Thursday, September 06, 2007

The joy of living across the Human Society

I have been living in this house now for over 12 years, it's right across an animal shelter, and one thing I have noticed on a continuous basis is the amount of people that just dump animals off close by, in hopes that you might take them to the shelter. Over the years we had countless cats just literally being dumped in our front yard to fend for themselves. So the last weekend the same thing happened again. Out of the blue we have these two adorable scared to hell kittens on our doorstep.They are visibly undernourished. They seem to have made their new home under our barbecue in the backyard. Now I do love cats, and I do love kittens, and I look at these two little pair of green eyes, looking out from under the barbecue cover and wonder how can someone just dump these two little creatures somewhere and not worry about them. You can see the fear in their eyes, they don't come out from under the cover unless they are hungry and absolutely no one is around, the slightest noise chases them back under the cover. I don't think that that's what being a little kitten is all about, they should be playing around, discovering the wonder of the world outside, but instead they sit trembling under the cover and just stare. It breaks my heart just to think of what might happen to them, I can't keep them, I don't want to take them to the Animal Shelter, where they don't even have a chance to live, because it already is so overrun with cats and kittens. Why can't people do their part and be responsible pet owners.

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Imagine, some people treat their pets better than their own family or other human beings