Saturday, August 11, 2007

Another one down, many more to go

What a day, great weather and on an adventure of a lifetime. Today I full filled one of the things on my life list, going on the whirlpool Jet boats on the Niagara river, and wow what a ride it was and I wanna do it again and again and again. Fun and excitement are in store for you as you speed upriver in a powerful Jet Boat towards the Niagara Gorge - a 200 foot high stone walled canyon and into the legendary churning waters of the Niagara Whirlpool. History and geography of the river is explained during this fully guided 45-60 minute Niagara River tour. It was absolutely amazing, and even the too tight life jacket strapped around my neck so that I could barely move it, was not going to ruin this one for me. The closer it got the more nervous and a little scared I got, mainly because I am not a boat person, but the thrill of the speed and the rush of the waves always fascinated me and to play it a little bit safer I chose the dome jet, which might have taken a little bit away of the experience, but nevertheless,it was awesome and I definitely gonna do this one again if the occasion ever rises, and I do recommend it to anybody who is visiting Niagara Falls.
The rest of the day was spent among thousands of people from around the world, down by the Falls and on the main streets of Niagara. It was a hustling and bustling place, that's for sure, and even though I knew there was somebody I know among all these people, I couldn't spot him. Well I just hope he had as great as a time there as I did. And just remember my advise what happens in Niagara Falls stays in Niagara Falls!

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