Friday, August 10, 2007

Life list

* hold a Koala
* swim with dolphins
* meet Robin Williams
* drive a convertible
* go off roading
* visit New York City and watch a Broadway play
* ride in a speed boat
* learn how to bartend
* help someone in need
* volunteer at the DSC
* go to Africa and work as an aidworker
* sponsor a child
* spend a fall up north
* travel across Canada by train
* loose my fears
* go on the Eiffel tower and spend time sitting at the Trocadero Gardens
* see the Mona Lisa
* ride on a snowmobile or skidoo
* go horseriding on a beach
* go on the Maid of the Mist
* go on a Helicoper ride
* get a tattoo
* learn how to fly
* learn to play piano and guitar

A few months ago I was inspired by the TV talk show to make my own life list. A life list details all the things one wants to accomplish and do in ones life. I had a life list in my head since my teenage years things I wanted to do then and I have added a few new things over the years, just recently I started to put those thoughts down on paper, they vary from things that might be hard to obtain to easier goals.Some things I have accomplished and fulfilled, while others are still dreams and thoughts in the making. There is no particular order to my life list, no priority it just reflects things I want to accomplish and being able to say, well I have done that... been there.
The sky is my limit and never say never.

So what's on your life list?

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