Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Taken things personally vs hurting someones feeling

Hmmm well this one I have a hell of a time with, I do understand the concept of taken things personally, and almost all the time the things one takes personal has nothing to do with oneself, but what the other person projects on you. Pretty simple I would say, but somehow I don't think there is a way of not taken some things personally especially when it hurts someone's feelings. Granted it might not again have anything to do with what they say about me, but how they view the world and how it reflects them as a person, and sometimes there might be a truth to what they say about you, but taken all that into consideration, what gives another person the right to say something to me or about me that might hurt my feelings, unless you have no heart or very thick skin there is no way that one might not take the odd thing personally. Like for example what gives a coworker the right to tell another coworker that they could stand to loose about 20 pounds, might be true, but what is their intention with a remark like that? And yes if that was me, my feelings would be hurt, I know it is pretty much true, but what is it to you? For me it just says, that you are a very shallow person and I would consider all the other remarks you made in the past, and just fluff it up to you just being a very ignorant person and having your own issues and preferences etc., but nevertheless my feelings would be hurt. After all some people do have a heart and feelings.
Have a heart and think before you speak at times, you never know what comes out of your mouth...
Having said all this, this was not about me, I would be happy if I only could stand to loose 20 pounds, lol... it just fitted in perfectly with my thoughts about this and my own inability to completely understand the not taking things personally.

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