Thursday, June 07, 2007

Recreation day

Since it is a two week school vacation period here right now and my brother and his wife took a week of for their vacation, they decided to do something fun for a change and I tagged along. We went to the Bayernpark, a sort of bavarian Disneyland on a much smaller scale. This little park even existed when we were kids, only then I remember it was a small playground with one merry-go-round, where the parent had to ride a bike to give it energy to go around, and there was small petting zoo with it. I have been back here many times since then, at least twice with my kids too when we came for a visit and every year there were new attractions, now it is one of the most visited amusement parks in Bavaria, there are lots of things to do, the most fun thing is the summer sledding hill. The park has a good mixture for younger and older kids and it is also a nice area to go for a walk through the forest to see mostly area based animals.
So we all spend a nice sunny day at the park.

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