Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A busy day

Since tomorrow is a national holiday here in Germany, and weekends aren't really open for business, a lot of things had to be accomplished today. We had to buy the flower arrangements for the funeral, went to the restaurant to reserve for the dinner afterwards, booked hotelrooms for out of town guests, and at 2pm the Minister came to the house to talk about the funeral procedures, to ask questions about my dad so he can write his service and we had to pick out the songs. I didn't really have a good time with all that, especially picking out the verses and psalms and prayers and songs. It kind of made it so official of the day ahead and I often had to fight back tears not to make a totally blabbering idiot out of myself. So I was pretty glad when all this was over and taken care of. Now it's really just a matter of days for the final good-bye.

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Anonymous said...

Wishes I was there to lend you comfort and a strong pair of arms to cry in. Hell, over the last few months I've cried in yours many times. Just remember you have many friends that are with you in thought. when you get back home...................look out Niagara we come!!!!!!!

Love Ya