Thursday, June 21, 2007

Making another visit

Due to me being sick the whole time last year when I was in Germany, a lot of visits with people had to be cancelled. So today I had another of those make up visits from last year. She used to live across from us when we were kids, she had an older brother who was my age and who I went to school with until we graduated. She was a little bit younger than my brother, but we still hanged out all the time, more like me a little sister to tag along. She idealized me when we were kids and just thought I was the greatest. Funny to think about that now. Now she lives still on the same street but a few houses down, so this afternoon I went over there for coffee. I met her husband for the first time, who seemed to be really nice. We sat for good four hours and just chitchatted about life now and then and pretty much everything else. Just before it was time to leave I got the grand tour of her new house. Wow. Absolutely amazing. Well my little friend, you came a long way, you always had nice things, but now they are all your own creation. She definately can be very proud of herself for accomplishing all she has accomplished.
We ended a nice visit with the promise to keep more in touch by email. Let's see if I can stick with that, usually it's my failing to email that ruins stuff like this. But like always my intentions are good.

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