Monday, June 25, 2007

"Shoot for the moon...

...even if you miss you land among the stars."
It was Grade 8 Graduation for my daughter today. She was so excited and nervous at the same time. Thanks to the amazing dress making abilities of a dear friend, Savannah looked absolutely gorgeous and was so happy with "her" dress, after all she picked out the pattern of the dress.
She arrived at school at 6:15 for the official group photo of the graduating class. The sidewalks were filled with proud parents, grandparents and siblings and families and friends. The Ceremony commenced at 7 pm. After a musical prelude, the processional, singing of 'O Canada' and the greeting of the Vice principle it was time for the Presentation of the Graduation Diplomas. Followed by the presentation of academic and achievement awards. To our surprise and with great pride did I watch Savannah pick up 3 awards, one for English, one for Art and one for History. Way to go Pookie. She definitely didn't expect any of this and was very excited and proud to achieve all of this in the last year. After the awards, it was time for the speech of the Valedictorian. Pookie was so nervous going up to the podium, but as soon as she started to speak all her anxiety must have just evaporated, she didn't sound nervous at all and did an amazing job with her speech. We were all so proud of her, even her biggest critics, her brothers, were amazed about their little sister.
A slide show of pictures of the Grads throughout the year and a story from the principle concluded the ceremony.
Afterwards there was a small reception on the front lawn and the graduating class went to dinner at Kelsey's Restaurant.
It was a very exciting evening for all of us, but mostly for our little Pookie. We are so proud of you.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for including me in this event. Savannah was fabulous. Everyone is so proud of her and she really has the gift of presentation. Her speach was very touching and well thought out. Congratulations to you and everyone in your family.

Anonymous said...

Okay, when did Savannah get so old? congrats!
Love her pre-school educator

Anonymous said...

As I sit here and stare at what a lovely young lady Savannah has become,I get rather teary eye'd and hell, she isn't even my kid! I can still remember her quiet little voice in pre-school but her take no shit from Dalton attitude. Savannah, always remember one thing along the road of life. Always....Always, shoot for the moon!. Congratulations Savannah.

Best Wishes Always

Tina said...

Oh the dreaded "Vaccum cleaner" episodes in preschool, I think those where the only times in her entire school carrier that she got in trouble, well sort of, not really trouble, maybe I should call it incidents she was involved I remember those days. Seems like an eternity ago. Well she had a good start and her hard work in Grade 8 paid off.