Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A busy night

I got to fill in tonight for my PIC and take over her shift, it was a very busy night at the centre, every single room in the facility was occupied. There was Yoga class in the small room, there were hockey groups in the gym, there was a private meeting for a charity in the Boardroom and a huge public meeting in the upstairs meeting room. At the later where at least 110 people. As I was keeping track of people coming and going and directing them to the right rooms, I saw a very familiar face, that I haven't seen in such a long time. This guy used to be one of the Steves of my Friday night hockeygroup( most guys in that group are either Mikes or Steves), due to his ever growing business and involvement in the communtiy, business wise and charity wise, he hasn't had much of a chance to come out. He was always a nice guy, is friendly, makes an effort to say hi and how are you, just an all around nice guy. Now you meet him out in the public he is just the same, he knows who you are, he asks how you are and how things are going...he is one of the biggest business names in town and it makes me feel so good that this oh so mighty business man, always takes the time to find out how things are going, no matter where you run into him, I like that about him. He is so down to earth and did not let his huge success go to his head. Now that's my Stevie! :) Thanks for always making me feel special.
It's the simplest things I appreciate and that make me feel special, but nevertheless for some it's an unimaginable task. GO FIGURE!

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