Thursday, January 04, 2007


Happy Birthday to my little cousin Claudia, my cousin Kerstin and of course Happy Birthday to me.
Wow, what a gorgeous day outside, bright sunny skies, not a cloud anywhere and almost springlike temperatures, what could I ask for more, just standing outside, letting the sun shine hit my face, feeling it's warmth made me smile and happy. What more could I really want? Well how about a nice quiet late afternoon/ early evening with a good friend, just talking, laughing and being there for each other. Now that's how I like to spend my special day.... Thanks for the invite. It meant more to me than you can ever imagine.
When I came home I had more surprises waiting for me. One of my dear friend made me this most awesome crosstitch envelope with a moose stamp and a Happy Birthday greeting. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love it. Thank you so much my dear friend. It sure made my day, too bad only that I wasn't home when you dropped it off, sure would have been nice to see you again.
Another friend gave me my favourite bath soap and skin cream from the Healing Garden Collection and some delicious Lindt Chocolates. ( This is why putting weight loss on the list of resolutions is so hard, when your birthday is so shortly after).
My kids gave me lots of good smelling candles and a gift certificate for Williams Coffee Pub, which should last a few weeks.
All in all I got spoiled again and I am grateful for having my friends and kids in my life. Thanks for all being a part of it.

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