Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Time well wasted

Well today I wasted my day off well by doing nothing else but fun things, that had absolutely nothing to do with houswork or work and the thought of even having to go back to work at night and knowing how stressful it will be didn't keep me from fully enjoying my day, which is a real big deal for me, because normally I can't enjoy much until the unfun things are taken care of and dealt with, but I didn't let anything mess up my time off. In the morning I went to Ancaster to Party Packers to get some things for my daughters birthday party for the coming Saturday. Of course I found many useful and unuseful things beside the things I needed and I even got 2 people finished on my Christmas list. After lunch I stopped by a dear friend's house, well originally to help decorate her " Man " tree, well she was way on her way when I got there and it looked neat, she is decorating it in all his favourite nature things and things that represent him. It is really nice. (Now in her living room she has an absolutely gorgeous decorated Christmas tree, I was just in awe of it. It's a needletree with lots of snow on it and decorated with snowmen, red birds and lights. It is absolutely amazing and the ornaments she has one it are very unique and beautiful. She really did an absolute marvelous job with it. I love how she is so good with putting things together to make everything and anything look like a million bucks. A talent I wish I had.)
After spending some time at her place, talking, going thru Avon books, looking at crosstitch pictures we decided to take a trip out to Smitty's, which is famous for their all year round Christmas stuff and off course when the right time finally arrives, Christmas and Snowmen, and Moose just take over that place. Which makes it really easy to find things one likes, but not necessary needs. So we came home with a few new things, including a new moose for my collection which my friend bought for me. Thank you. He already made him self at home with all the other ones in the MOOSE ROOM.
... here is to more moose for mine and more snowmen for your collection. Psssst I won't tell your better half. LOL.

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