Sunday, November 12, 2006

Another "C"

Today I finally got a chance to catch up with my dad and hear what's going on there, while one "C" has been taken care of and is being treated accordingly and apparently quite successfull, a second "C" has shown up, which we kind of knew about but weren't sure if it was "C". Well now it is confirmed and the necessary steps to treat it will have to be taken within the next few weeks. Apparently it is quite common in men and easy enough to treat. So let's just hope for the best again. Now my pessimistic side comes out and wonders how many times can you get lucky with that scenerio? Well I will try not to think about the worst, because nobody else seems to and I will exercise the power of positive thinking.... apropos exercise.... I bought myself a new exercise tool and thank god it came with instruction... it's a little wooden block... and the instruction are as follows: Place the block in the middle of your room, walk around it twice and sit back down on the couch... You just walked twice around the block you deserve a break..... Now that is my kind of exercise.

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