Thursday, November 30, 2006

A little bit on edge lately

The last few days have been wearing me down a little bit. I kind of had a run in with my supervisor at the other centre and I am seriously thinking about quitting that centre. Not because I don't like my job there, mostly because I am at a time in my life where I do choose how I want to be treated and who I want to be associated with and being there right now, is not the place for me. I love the customers we have over there, even though sometimes they can be bitchy and grumpy and frustrated because it's so busy, but I know they would be very disappointed by my leaving, but right now, the run ins and the innuendos of the current supervisor are just more than what I like to have in my life right now. And if I don't need it I can make the choice to eliminate it. So I am strongly thinking about it.**************
Then of course my dad is back on my mind, since he is going to have surgery to remove some more cancer today. The last time I talked to him he just didn't sound right and good, sounded like he was more scared this time than the last time, which is kind of strange, since the last one was much worse than this one is suppose to be. Well here we go again with waiting and uncertainty. This too shall pass.********
Yesterday we were suppose to get our new hardwood floor for the living room, dining room and hallway installed, when I got home from work the installer dropped of all the wood and said he will be back tomorrow he is just finish off another job first. Ok I think not a big deal, then I am out for the afternoon, my daughter had an orthodontist appointment and when we came back, Mr. Happy had some more bad news for us, he had just received a phonecall from the store where the installer was from, and they informed us that his father just passed away and that he won't be in to work until at least Monday. Gee I really try to be sympathetic and understanding, but at the same time I was mad. But I guess it will be done eventually and that pissed off feeling I have is nothing compared to the pain and anguish of that family right now. I get over it a lot faster than they will.

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