Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just For Laughs Comedy Tour 06

This evening I went to Hamilton Place to enjoy the "Just for Laughs Comedy Tour 06". It was great. The host was Greg Proops from "Whose line is it anyway", you know the Buddy Holly look-alike. The show had a lot of performers I had previously seen on TV, so I kind of knew it was going to be a good show. There were the Canadian Comdians Joey Elias and Tim Nutt. Jim David and John Caparulo joined from the USA and Tommy Tiernan was the special guest all the way from Ireland. I enjoyed Tim Nutt and John Caparulo the most.
They definately had me in tears, what made their part so funny was that they talked about very simple, every man's life occurancies. So one could easily sympathize with them and see the humour in it, even though if it would happen to you it wouldn't be that funny.

Well now I can't wait for my next venture to a comedy club in Toronto, which should be just as much fun as it's one of my all time favourite comedians, I just think he is so totally cute and loveable..... Jeremy Hotz..............

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