Sunday, November 05, 2006

Are you capable of being evil?

I think we all have it in us to become what we hope we would never be or do the thing we think of never doing. I think when pushed to the limit we all have the capability to be evil and do evil, no matter how much we think of ourselves as good natured and kind and decent people, when push comes to shove and if it's for our own protection and survival we can turn into someone we don't even know nor do we want to know. When rage and anger and the feeling of betrayal takes over, there is only one thing that can stop us and that's ourselves and the acknowledgement of the consequences and the hope that tomorrow will be better and one can try to change things. I can see how people can go over the edge and just do what isn't right, there are no excuses and anything that makes things right, but there are things that one might think justifies ones actions. And who are we to judge, to every story there are always three sides. As people from the outside looking in there are always solutions, but once in it, one sight seems to be blinded and on a one track mind. So where is the help then? Where was the help when everybody saw what's going on, but was to busy to intervene? It's always easier to see afterwards what could have been done.

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