Monday, August 21, 2006

"I have a little secret"

My little nephew is funny, everytime he has something nice to say about another person, he tells either is mom or dad or grandma, but with the add on that it is a "secret" not to be repeated to anyone, especially the particular person it is about. Durning our stay in Germany a few new "secrets" were kept, or shall I say not kept, because someone forgot to remember it was a "secret". Of course some of these "secrets" were so cute and funny, that is was hard to keep them to yourself. And sometimes we would talk about these "secrets" and he would pssst us really quick reminding us that those very secret.Personally I think secrets shouldn't be kept at all, there shouldn't be such a thing as a secret, but apparently he got that from school, where the teacher calls a test a secret, because they aren't suppose to know what's on the test, well makes sense sort of.
While I was talking to my mom the other day, a new secret was exposed, my nephew told his dad the secret, his dad told my mom and my mom told me. So the secret is out and landed with the person it was about. Well apparently I had quite the impact on this little man while I was visiting, even though I was bugging him a lot and being a pesty aunt. Well their family came just back from a long weekend trip to a lake, where he was looking for a big nice flat stone. And he found one. When he got home he got his paints and markers out and decorated the stone, well here is the "secret", he wrote my name on it, covered the whole stone with hearts and buried it in the backyard. How cute is that. Well I hope I will be the subject of many of his secrets. I like those kind of secrets.

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