Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sightseeing tour through Bamberg

Today it was very very hot and we were on the way to Bamberg, we parked outside the city and took the city bus right into the centre of the city. I love this city, it offers so much culture, heritage and it is packed with action. First we took a walk through the famous market place and enjoyed the smells, tastes and sounds of the city and then we took in some culture and architecture.

Breathe the air of past centuries and experience the world heritage city of Bamberg. Endowed with one of Europe"s largest intact old town centres, Bamberg is an outstanding cultural and architectural highlight of every tour through Bavaria, and also the secret capital of beer!
Little Venice
The former fishermen houses are lovingly named "Little Venice". The area is made up of a decorated and restored row of old residential buildings from the 19th century. Small medieval half-timbered houses with balconies and tiny gardens, in which there are moorings for boats, line up along the bank of the River Regnitz and form a romantic ensemble. Little Venice is the picturesque background for the street festival "Sandkerwa", which takes place in August, with fishermen"s jousting contests and the Italian night.
Imperial cathedral
The imperial cathedral with its four towers on one of Bamberg"s seven hills is the heart of the city and one of the most important work of art in the surroundings. The imperial cathedral St Peter and St George goes back to a foundation by Emperor Heinrich II., who founded the diocese of Bamberg in 1007. The first cathedral was consecrated in 1012, but it burnt down. The third building, which has been preserved until today, was finished in 1237 and shows late Romanesque and Early Gothic style elements. The Bamberger Reiter (« Bamberg Horseman », around 1230), the tomb of the imperial couple, Heinrich II and Kunigunde, carved by Tilman Riemenschneider (1513), the « Marienaltar » by Veit Stoss (1523), the papal tomb of Clemens II (13th century), the monument of Bishop Friedrich von Hohenlohe (14th century) and many stone sculptures are among the most important sights inside the cathedral.
The biggest enigma of the cathedral is its most well-know sculpture, i.e. the Bamberg Horseman. Today it is still uncertain who its author is and who it representsAfter a long hot day of sightseeing we went to visit my Aunt's Mother who is 91 and I remember from all the family festivities we had, she is still in good shape and lives all by herself in a little apartment. It was nice to see her again. Can't remember when the last time was I have seen her.
After that we drove back to my uncle's house where we met up with my cousin's husband and her two boys who came for a surprise visit to see the grandparents. It was nice, the boys are 16 and 20 and I have never met them before, my cousin's husband I seen last at his wedding, which was a long time ago too. So it was nice, we went for dinner at a Biergarten, I didn't eat a thing because I somehow knew it wouldn't stay where it was suppose to be, but I was pretty sure it was from the heat today. We sat there for a while until it started to rain, so we went on our way back home to Dingolfing.

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