Monday, July 31, 2006

Feeling so much better

Well after yesterday I am feeling so much better, not a hundred percent yet, but better. Food stayed down, stomach seems to be ok. And I got real food today. Yippie. We spend most of the day outside in the backyard, talking, playing games, doing puzzles etc. At night my brother and his family came over and we had a nice big barbecue with the whole clan. It was nice and yummy. I must say I do miss those family get togethers with uncles, aunts, cousins and whoever else comes around. It is always lots of fun, mostly because we make fun of each other and ourselves. So of course with this side of the family, talking about my uncle it's always about diets and weight and body. Even though it's serious, we always seem to make fun of it. Oh well. One thing I can say for sure, I haven't gained any weight on this holiday. So I guess you can count that as a plus, but I still wish I could have had a least half the stuff I wanted my mom to cook for me. Well next time maybe.

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