Wednesday, January 04, 2006

My special day....

My special day started long before the actual date. As I went to work Monday evening somebody had already been there before me, even though I was to be the first one back after the holidays. But somehow someone thought it was necessary to remind me of my ?? Birthday, not in a card (she showed great restrain in that), but on a sticky note attached to the card with a big number on it, for everyone to see. On top of the card sat the most pitiful looking moose I ever seen, he looked so sad and in desperate need of a good home, and since he smelt like Chocolate, there was no way I was gonna leave him there, he had to come home with me. Hmmmm now I have a real chocolate moose at home. But something is wrong with that picture, you can't eat him. Thank you PIC and thank you for helping me stick to my resolution for 2006.

Then yesterday evening after coming home from a quick trip to the coffee shop with a friend, another friend stopped by to remind me of my big day. We had a nice little visit, and she added two more mooses (what is the correct plural of moose) to my collection. But I am a long way from 400.LOL. And I got a cute very humorous calendar with jackass pictures and captions. Thank you so much.
So then today is the actual day. Thank god, no picture in the paper, no pink flamingos on the lawn. That would have been my worst nightmare to wake up to. So I started the day slow, with coffee and TV and checking emails and reading blogs. Then the phonecalls started, one of my friends from Germany called and then of course my parents and brother with family. That was nice, of course he had to make fun of my age, and commented that he had recently seen pictures of me and that I still looked quite good for my age. Gee what you expect from a brother who is named Pfiffi. His day will come. Then at 1 o'clock I met a friend for lunch. We went to Red Lobster and we had a long peaceful lunch (well I could have done without the singing waiters) and I got spoiled with more presents. By the time I came back to the house it was almost 4 pm. So it was a great day so far with great preludes to it the days before.
Thanks to all my friends who made this day and the days prior so special. Ok here it comes: I love you guys.

I share my special day with two other special people, my second cousin Kerstin (40) and my favourite little cousin Claudia (35). My all time favourite birthday memory is my 10th birthday. I wasn't too happy that day because for some reason we had to go to Grandma's place, for some reason my birthday couldn't be celebrated like every other year, with my other grandparents at our house. This time we made our way to Munich to visit my maternal grandparents and there was my surprise, it was the first time I ever got to meet my little cousin, who turned 5 at that day. It was a really nice surprise since I have heard of her but never met my uncle, aunt and cousin until that day. I pretty much remember everything from that day, to what we got for presents, what we wore and most of all how much fun it was. It's funny even though we met we were never ever really close cousins, just lived too far apart, but we always remember each other on our birthdays and when we travel back to Germany she is the first one who wants to come and see us. And it's like we were never apart, even so we really don't know much about each other's life.

Happy Birthday to my cousins! Hope u had a great day!

"Forty isn't old, if you're a tree".

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