Wednesday, December 21, 2005


In the past I have been accused of trying to buy people's love and affection with gifts. It's funny, because I never ever thought of this as being that. That is absolutely not my thought behind it, if I see something nice and a certain person comes to mind and I know how much joy that would bring to that person, I will get it for them, sometimes I get presents to present a certain event or an insight joke with that specific person. I always have been a giving person, mostly I do it for me, it brings me great joy to know that I made someone smile, and brightend their day with a simple gesture. I wonder if people who accuse me of trying to buy people are the same people who give their gifts with strings attached. I just like the feeling of giving, always have and I am not going to change my ways just because others see it as a bad thing. I like that about me and I will not change that for anybody, no matter how they perceive it,it is their perception not mine. With that said, I hope everybody enjoys their gifts from me, just know that they were found with love and given to you with only you in mind.
Happy Holidays!

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