Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The face of evil

Omg, this darn cat of ours, it is driving me insane and if she keeps it up she will be spending the holidays boarding at the vet. She wasn't that bad when she was a kitten, now being a full grown cat, she is just going bonkers. I spend more time trying to get the cat to stop destroying anything I set up, than actually setting things up. The Christmas tree has lost about half it's ornaments, they are hidden somewhere in the basement now.All one hears at night is bells ringing, so one knows she is in the tree and sure enough in the morning the tree looks more bare than the night before. The ribbons on presents are chewed up to shreds and covered with bite marks. She started to eat the cotton snow blanket I set all my snowmen on, it now has holes in it, and this morning I tied some red birds on my little needle tree and they are either hanging upside down or are gone, red feathers everywhere.
Never mind the challenge I have with wrapping up any presents.Doesn't this cat ever sleep? Seems like as soon as she sees me doing something, she has to be literally right in it.
Well I am gonna attempt to wrap some gifts, wish me luck.

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