Friday, December 16, 2005

Finally ...'s all coming together, the new part of the building finally looks like a building, the dust is gone, the bricks are painted, the pictures are hung up, the halls are decorated, the floors are waxed, the elevator is installed, there are only minor touch ups to do and the final touch of the boss and her great decorating style will complete the awesome picture of the new "old" building. We got a new name for the centre and what I am mostly proud of is a new plague commemorating the idea of my coworker, partner in crime and friend. We worked together with the kids from last summer session on creating a time capsule to be buried in the walls of the new part of the building. The place is marked now with a plague with all our names on it. Hey I never had my name in an official building posted and especially not in such a nice way.(It's a far cry from the Wanted Posters, just kidding of course). I am really proud of being a part of the staff there, I always liked the place, even though people always looked down on it, because it was old and run down and not in the best part of town. But when I discovered it,when my kids were going to programs there, I didn't know that about that place, nor did I really care once I found out. The staff that worked there at any time, made that place feel comfortable and like home, and I am honored and proud of calling myself part of that staff now. It will be so much more fun to go into this new, bright, and beautiful place, called Doug Snook's Eagle Place Community Centre, to work.
One more sleep and it's the Grand Re-opening..........

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