Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Big Day...

Today is the day, long anticipated, and a long time coming. Yesterday we all worked hard at setting up and cleaning for the big event, and a big event it will be... We are celebrating the 30 Anniversary of the Centre and the Grand reopening and renaming of the Centre.

All the main staff and management spend the last few days tireless on the last preparations for the Event. We are finally a fully accessible Centre, which will greatly benefit our Seniors who use the Centre and our many clubs with members of various ages and abilities. The renaming was done to honour the man who so tirelessly laboured in his quest to see an elevator installed at the Centre. I never met a man more humble and more honoured by the renaming of the building than Doug Snooks. He is a sweet, kind, funny and gentle man, and he was just in awe over the renaming of the Centre, in a million years he never thought of anything like this being possible. It was so amazing to see how proud he was and how proud everybody, the entire community, was of his accomplishments and like our supervisor so nicely and appropriate worded," Doug, enjoy the ride, you deserve it".
The official ceremony was held in our gym, with a bagpiper (whose happiness lies underneath his kilt) marching in front of some Veterans as the opening for the ceremony. The town crier proclaimed the opening of the Doug Snooks Eagle Place Community Centre and he was followed with Greetings from many dignitaries, like the MP of Brant, the MPP of Brant, the Mayor, the two Ward Councillors, the Chair of Parks and Recreation and finally the Director of Parks and Recreation.
After the ribbon cutting there were different displays to look at, the history of the Centre, the programs, displays by various affiliated groups of the centre.
The staff had different positions to cover, my partner in crime was responsible for the refreshments in the small activity room, our cleaning staff was engaged as a greeter and I was stationed upstairs in the new part of the building, I covered the new boardroom with displays and the renovated old part with more displays. While downstairs in the gym music of the 70s was offered, I had the privilege of listening to Loril the Harpist, who is quite the funny lady. All in all I had lots of fun and it was surprisingly easy to mingle with people. I really enjoyed my time and the time just flew by.
After everybody had left we started to clean up and take down most of the stuff, and all the things that took us hours and days to set up and make look perfect, was taken down with in an hour and a half. How sad. But now we can get back to normal...

The only really good thing during all this mess of construction was that we finally had some guys working with us and some of them were quite easy on the eyes and nice. We will miss you Site supervisor Brad.....and some of the electricians.

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