Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tuesday evenings

I used to hate going to work on Tuesday evening for my 3 hour program, but I must admit it turned into one of my favourite days to work, mainly because of the people I work with that evening and because for once a week I get spoiled. I learned to see the people who come to the program for the people they are, not any better than me, not any worse than me, just as people. I mean I have always been a good listener, always, even as a teenager, I always knew everybody's business, not because I made it my business, but because they felt comfortable enough to tell me and they know their things stay with me only. Not that I don't talk about people, because I think we all do to a certain point,but there is a difference between gossip and talking from a loving place of concern and genuine interest. I can say that most of the people, men and women, do just want to talk, about just anything, I used to get so nervous when then someone came over to me, during their break to talk to me, now there is not one minute when people are sitting out that I don't have someone sitting at my table with me just chatting, and it can be just anybody. They come from all walks of life and we are all the same. I am becoming increasingly more comfortable talking with and to them, sometimes even I talk instead of just listening, which is big to me. It's strange and it reminds me so much of my younger years, it's mostly the guys who come and sit and chat. Ironically the one who made my job a living hell, that I even thought about quitting, is now one of the guys who hangs around everytime he is not participating and we have quite good chats about life in general.
I do get along with the staff greatly and we have lots of fun at work, without neglecting our duties and programs. We also have this new guy at work, he runs the cooking program for kids, and he is just amazing, friendly, funny as hell and just a genuine nice person. Well since we started having meetings before our regular shift and there is no time to go home and get something to eat, he started making extra things with his class to feed us afterwards. WOW, he can cook and he does dishes too. So every Tuesday my friend/coworker and I know we are in for a treat. I mean who gets dinner or desert prepared by a professional chef once a week? Well we do and we deserve it too, so don't you forget that MR.CHEF.
It is greatly appreciated and thank you so much for it.

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