Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This just made my day...

Well I received mail yesterday that just made my day, now I only need to find the time to do it. The DSC has been closed to the public since the Thanksgiving weekend and I must say I really miss going there, I miss the tranquility of the place and I miss the warm noses of donkeys pressing against me, I just miss it, it was such a fun part of my last summer, the only fun part I had and I am grateful that I found peace in that place. Well the mail I got was from the DSC, and if I would like to I could come for visits any Saturday morning. I am so happy. I know the next few weekends I have to work so it will be a while till I can get there, but just the thought of being able to go at all makes me smile. I don't know, but I am becoming a real Donkey nut, I mean I always loved donkeys, but I never really got the chance to interact with them that close up and personal. When I told my mom about the donkeys, she informed me that those were my dad's favourite animals. I can't wait for him to come for a visit to Canada and I can share some time with him there, that would be so nice, since I can't really remember the last time we did a Father/ Daughter thing together. I am turning definately into a real donkey crazed person. I just can't help it, what can I say ,I LOVE DONKEYS.

Addiction to Donkeys:An ear-born disease. Irreversible.

Did you know?The beautiful eyes of a donkey are positioned to allow it to see in an arc of 350 degrees. This allows a donkey to see all 4 of their feet at the same time. (Thanks to Janine, editor of 'Ears') -- that's probably why they don't miss when they kick you.

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