Friday, November 18, 2005

My favourite thing to do...

My favourite thing to do during this time of the year is going to Christmas Craft Sales, it starts with the one at W.P.C.C. and from there it is just a weekendly event until Christmas. I am amazed at all the talented Craftpeople around, amazed by their creativity and their love for what they are doing. I am mostly interested in whimsical Christmas gifts, that represent the uniqueness of the people I buy them for. It is lots of fun. Every gift I give represents the person I give it too, their likes, interests, and their meaning in my life. I love giving gifts, sometimes I just wander around and I see things and certain people just pop into my mind and I acquire my gifts that way. I hate walking around aimlessly in stores being desperate to find the right gift for the right person, mostly I just come across them by accident and those gifts mean more to me to give than something I just bought because I couldn't come up with anything better. Giving and receiving gifts has nothing to do with size or price it's all with what intention those gifts were obtained and people who don't appreciate the gift for what it is, a piece of my heart, are not worth further consideration.
Over the past I have received the most unique and amazing gifts, gifts given for occasions and gifts given just because. My most priced possessions of gifts are my birdhouse moosehead and an amazing children's book called "Morris has a cold". (and how ironic Morris is a moose). Ok ok , I love moose too, not just donkeys.

Well gotta go I am meeting a friend for hot apple cider at Williams(the best one in town) and then we are going to.... whatelse...........a craft sale. ( Hey it's not even the weekend yet, now that's a treat).

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