Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Day 30:Let me introduce me to myself

When I feel guilt or shame I need to replace it with compassion and forgiveness.
When I feel judged I need to replace it with understanding.
When I feel left out I need to replace it with reaching out.
When I feel scared I need to replace it with self love.
When I am not happy with any aspcect of my life, it's just a call to accept myself more fully no matter what.
Each day I must be willing to be wrong about everything to feel right about me for the rest of my life. I must be willing to give up all I know to find out more of what I don't know.
The journey to finding my true self takes a commitment to keep going no matter what, keep going despite my feelings, keep taking actions despite my fears.
Three changes I have made in the last thirty days:
*taking a stand and having an opinion
*be vulnerable around certain people
*be present at listening to others
Three changes I am still working on:
*taking initiative
*getting healthy
*being more open
Three changes I would like to make but haven't yet:
*face all my issues
*have a fierce conversation with certain people
*fully seeing my beauty

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