Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Capricorn * the goat of the zodiac

Gem: Moonstone - this gem could protect you from danger
Flower:Petunia - you tend to be the last to realize your desires
Astral Colour, colour need, apparel colour: your astral colour is brown, it helps keep you grounded and stable. Blue in your environment helps you avoid becoming listless and disorganized. In your wardrobe blue - green enhances your luck because you will feel secure.
Fragrance: you are stimulated by a combination of greens and flowers, such as white roses, jasmine and greenery. They give you the feelings of strength and security.
Tree: Cherry - you will find yourself faced with constant new emotional awakening.
Instruments: Bass and clarinet
Composer: Haydn, Wagner
Bird: Hummingbird, this bird is delicate and graceful, It can remain still for hours, then dart off and be as busy as a bee.
symbol: Star - you are full of inner brightness and will stand out in a crowd. You will be seen as special
Health Scent: Vanilla - this scent will fill you with a feeling of cleanliness and stability
favorable foods: Cauliflower, prunes, whole wheat, walnuts, cottage cheese
Lucky Numbers : 1,2,8
Best Months: March and November
Best day of the week: Saturday
Best month days:4,13,22,31
lucky Charm: a piece of material cut from something in your home

Star: Vega - those with this star can be warriors in search for victory, especially in legal situations
Angel: Hanaeb - this angel shows us our worldly desires in order to give us strength when we are going through uncertainty
Guardian Angel: Uriel - this angel brings the light of God's guidance

You will be drawn to animals and working with them brings you a happiness you never find in people or machines. You love horses in particular, their grace, power, freedom and speed speak to your soul with inexplicable eloquence.
You have no problems maintaining lifelong friendships because you are sincere and steadfast. Expect to spend a long time searching for that special someone. This suits your cautious and reserved demeanor. You may take too long seeking perfection before you feel comfortable enough to commit to a love relationship. As long as you trust your partner, you are a loyal mate. Nothing bothers you more than disrespect and lack of gratitude. You are rigid when you need to be. Selfdiscipline is extremely important to you. Avoid the tendency to get overanxious.

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