Sunday, November 20, 2005

Country Oaks

Yesterday morning my daughter and I met up with a friend and her son and we went to another craft sale at one of the local Elementary Schools. It's one of the most popular sales for this time, it is always packed and there are many talented artists there displaying their crafts. I found one special item for one of my friends, I know she collects these and it seemed like the perfect gift. Well here I thought I was doing good having her done for Christmas, when I realize that her birthday is coming up first. Oh well, guess I gotta find one more special thing then. My daughter bought herself some charms for her charmbracelet. As we wandered through the many classrooms filled with the most wonderful things, we came across a vendor who turned old window frames into artwork, and what did I see there? A window frame with a moose and trees. Now that had my name written all over it, even though it was quite pricey, I just had to have it, there was no debating with myself. So I bought myself my first Christmas present for this year. I absolutely love it and I have the perfect spot for it.
After spending the morning at the Craft show, we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, what else but MOOSE WINOOSKI'S.
After that I had to go to work for a couple of hours,in the upcoming weeks I will be working a lot more on the weekends, I am filling in for one of my friends. She has her own business(Country Oaks) and runs a month long craftshow at her house for the next few weeks. I am glad I am getting some extra hours to get some Christmas spending money, I told her jokingly yesterday that I might as well get my paychecks deposited into her account, since I am one of her best customers. So of course after filling in for her yesterday, after work I went to visit her at her shop, and of course I found plenty of things I would like and of course what I want I get. Actually I didn't buy anything for me, but I got some people on my Christmas list scratched off. And no, I won't tell you guys what I bought.
She has lots of different things at her sale, she makes her own candles, she makes some crafts ,but has also lots of other things to sell, some Christmas, some everyday display things, some little kids stuff etc. So basically you can find anything for anybody there.
I know my visit there yesterday won't be my last visit for this year.

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