Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Any other nagging pains?

For somebody who only goes to the doctor when I feel half dead, I have sure had my share of doctor and lab visits over the last few months. Thank god I have a new doctor who actually is compassionate and understanding and she makes the whole thing somewhat tolerable. Doesn't mean I like going to see her, but at least I can handle it. At my last visit to the lab I knew right away something was off, and unfortunately seeing the doctor four days later confirmed that. I still don't understand the whole thing properly, but I am learning to live with it and take care of it, and I am getting used to the thought of this being a part of my life now. Unfortunately too this makes me feel at times like a timebomb waiting to go off at any given moment, and sometimes when I feel crappy I wonder if that's it. But hey so far I am still here, not in good shape but here at least.

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