Monday, October 03, 2005

A wonderful day at the Zoo

Every year once a year we travel to Toronto to visit the Zoo, my daughter is an adoptive parent to a whitehanded Gibbon and once a year it's Parents' Day at the Zoo. So that is usually the time we go. Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day to do so. The Zoo has done a lot of renovation and our all time favourite area is the African Park Area, it is done like a safari park with buildings how they would be over there, with Park Ranger jeeps, with hidden away look out spots etc. They also did build a children's' discovery zone, with treehouse, a prairie dog patch, where you look through plastic bubbles out of prairie dog holes with prairie dogs all around you, and all kinds of other fun things for kids to experience.
Another favourite of ours is the Kangaroo walk through area, where you walk on a short path right trough the area where kangaroos roam freely. It is really cool to be that upclose to them.
But my all time favourite animal to watch are the Meerkats, they are so cute, nosy and just so much fun to watch. I remember one year my daughter was eating a bag of popcorn as we walked through the zoo, when she stood at the enclosure of the meerkats they all lined up in front of her in hope she would share her treat, of course she didn't(we do obey any regulations and laws) and when she moved to the other side of the enclosure, they all followed her, it was so cute and hilarious, they didn't let her out of their eyes. It was too cute.
After five hours of wandering, and still not have seen everything, we finally decided to drive back home. But like always it was fun and great to spend a Mother and Daughter time alone.

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