Monday, October 24, 2005

Just one of those days

Great, I am having another one of my gloomy days,not sure why, but it's a day where everything just pisses me off, nothing I do goes the way planned, and it's hard to stay positive and try to do differently. Despite all good intentions. I am just glad those gloomy days seem to pass by faster than they used to do and they won't stick with me that long either. It's just strange how certain things just trigger certain feelings and thoughts. It's funny that a friend not calling back turns into this huge abandonment issue for me, even though there are legate reasons why they won't call back. I have to remind myself about the fact and truths and not go on a wild goosechase in my mind in search for reasons. Ahhhhhhhhh I hate those days, but I guess I am entitled to them too. And like always, that all shall pass too. Tomorrow is another day. And anyway: it's raining.

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