Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good for you

Well nothing makes you step back more and take a closer look than when you realize that your child, in this case my daughter, is actually listening to what you preach and what you, over the last few years,tried to strive for, is already in her. I am so proud of her for being the best she can be and being good enough for anything. My favourite words of hers are when other people comment about her size difference compared to her friends, and she just says, "I am just right for my size". In all my years I have not been ever able to just say, I am just right the way I am.
The other day she was setting clear boundaries, yet another thing I still have not mastered, to get her own need met and to protect herself from unnecessary stress. It amazes me sometimes, the wisdom and truth that live in this little, mighty powerful girl. WOW. I hope she can stay like that for the rest of her life.
She doesn't say much, but watch out when she speaks, you better take notice.
It's weird in some things, mostly the things I don't like about me ( like excessive shyness etc), she reminds me so much of me, but then she has so much in her that I wish I had and I am still looking for to accomplish. I guess another chance to learn from one another.

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