Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 17: Excuses

Excuses keep me small. They give me permission to blame others for my life. Excuses take my power away and keep me victimized. If I have an excuse I can't be true to myself.

If I had no more excuses, what risks would I take?
*would go out more
*have fun without being concerned of how I look at it or in it
*apply for another job
*be more forward and direct
*be truthful and honest
*spend more time with my friends

If I had no more excuses, how would I be more true to myself?
*would be proud of who I am
*be honest with myself and everybody
*I would go for what I want
*feel worthy of the things I want to ask for.

What do I fear most at the thought of giving up my excuses?
"What if my excuses aren't excuses but legate statements".I know excuses keep me stuck, but what if I don't have that excuse and the outcome is still the same as it would be if I had the excuse, that would be horrible.

If I had a magic wand and could help aid myself in giving up one excuse, which one would it be?
" I am not in the right body size for that".

If I only connect to others using my excuses, I will never feel loved for myself. Learning to give up my excuses will force me to create conversations that speak of possibilities , hope and love. Be open!

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