Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day 9: Shine my light

Understanding why you shine and what stops you from shining will tell you how you judge your value. But all we do is worthy of shining. Being willing to forgive yourself for having been unable to shine in the past will clear away the guilt and shame that is clouding your vision. You can't shine if you don't see the good you do.
Remember shining your light is a choice. It is the choice to make if you want to own your own power and be empowering. Be willing to share your good news as well as give and receive compliments. When that happens, you will naturally shine. No effort will be required.

Blow my own horn. Name the last three pieces of good news you shared with your mate, friends, boss in the past month.
*the adoption of my Hershey
*news about the job I got offered
*finishing a crosstitch picture

How do I feel when I share my good news?
Not quite sure, on one hand somewhat excited and proud, but on the other hand cautious of not sounding too arrogant or happy or proud and cautious about the level of how much would they really be interested in what I have to say.

What stops me from sharing good news?
The fact that it might not matter to them as much as it does to me, that they are not interested in it or think it's stupid and simple. Being cut off while talking about it. Not wanting to be the centre of attention.

What do I think will happen if I shine?
I would have to be the centre of attention for a moment.

How do I feel when someone shares good news with me?
I am genuinely happy for them, but also secretly wishing I could be that brave in telling my stuff.

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