Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Day 23: For or against

Everybody has a basic filtering system, that either anticipates good or repels good. Is the world for or against me? Finding good within every experience is true mastery.
Three moments in my life where I felt the world was for me:
*after my last job interview
*when I accomplished something that I set out to accomplish

Three moments when I felt the world was against me:
*when I got excluded from a group of friends after coming back from vacation
*when I got sick again
*when a close, very good friend rejected me
A gratitude for each of the above moments:
*I was grateful to find out who my real friends were
*grateful that I listened to my own intuition and took matters into my own hand
*grateful for taking a closer look at myself and learning that I don't need anybody else to be ok.

Knowing I have the power to change any situation will give me the courage to take risks, I am willing to be that confident.

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