Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Day 2: Give credit where credit is due

In what area of your life do I have a hard time giving myself credit?I have most trouble giving myself credit for my physical appearance and for the good person I am inside.
In what area would I like to acknowledge myself more?
I would love to be ok with myself as the person I am, inside and outside and not obsess about the outside so much, because obviously I haven't done much to improve my outside, except what can be controlled by others (like hair, clothes etc).
What could happen if I gave myself more credit?
That others might see me as conceited, that I might actually like myself and could be good enough just as I am and I wouldn't know how to actually be like that.
Am I willing to give myself more credit, even for just little things?
1. for letting myself have a good day
2. for spending a great long weekend with my daughter and not just hang around the house like the rest of the family
3. for taking time out for me
4. for getting mad at husband for not being interested in our day
5. for doing things the way I want to, not how everybody expected it

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