Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Day 1: practice being true to myself

Discovering the true you is a journey that begins today.
How would being true to myself change my life?
If I could be totally true to myself I could loose the mask I am hiding behind and be myself, believe and stand up for what I believe, whether people agree or not, I wouldn't be so scared of everything all the time, would be more self reliant and self confident and wouldn't care so much about how others see me or what impression I make on them. Things would be a lot easier and freer to do.

If I am true to myself what am I afraid might happen?
I might hurt someone feelings, people might not like me or see me differently, I might not be able to handle it myself, I might not be so much in control and get lost.

What has stopped ME before from becoming the best ME possible?
My expecting of myself, expectations from others, not feeling worthy of the effort and work, not being on my own priority list, self loathing issues, and the list goes on and on.

Describe the ME that I would like to be: I would love to have more confident in myself, be more self reliant, see the good things in me and not dwell on negative things nonstop, I would be ok with myself just the way I am, proud, worthy, loved. Just be simply a happier me.

What am I willing to do today to be more true to myself?
Say no more often, speak my mind, speak my truth, have an opinion and voice that opinion, find my voice.

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