Sunday, October 16, 2005

Day 13: The Power of words

Today it is time to let go of disempowering language. There are certain frequently used words or phrase that keep me stuck. What do I say when my life gets difficult? What do I repeat when I think someting is stupid, or silly, or a waste of time? Paying attention to the words and phrases I use will increase my awarenes, thereby giving me more ability to change them.
Here are the three most used one by me:
1. I can't
2. It's too hard
3. I don't think I should

Three options for replacements
1. I do it anyway
2. I have to overcome
3. I have to make a choice, it's my choice.

Whenever I hear myself say the words or phrases that disempower me, I try to immediately replace them with these. It really felt awkward in the beginning and still does at times, but that's understandable and change is uncomfortable. The point is to do it regardless how I am feeling.
To elimanate these phrases and replace them with other options has taught me that negative things hold me in place and replacing them gives me the opportuntity to do any differently. The replacements at least gave me a choice, things might still be hard but I can at least try to do them anyway. At least I am doing differently.

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