Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another Jackass in my family......

Today I took my daughter back to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, I want to make this a yearly tradition for the Thanksgiving weekend, this is the last weekend the Sanctuary is open to the public. We went there with the intent of finally adopting a donkey, of course the choice was a hard one, I would have loved to adopt all of them, and if I ever win the lottery I will, but for now we adopted one for my daughter and one for me. She picked FAN,a donkey of 36 years, very cuddly and friendly, I think she fell in love with him on our first trip there, he was following her everywhere she went and wanted to be petted. I chose HERSHEY, he is one of the younger donkeys there, very playful and full of mischief.
The atmosphere at the Sanctuary was different today than it had been at our previous visits, due to the cooler weather all the animals were more active and most of them were out in the pasture to fatten up a little for the upcoming winter months. We met quite a few new donkeys, some very playful and nosy and others more calm and quiet.
There were also two new goats and in one of the stables quarantined off was one of the newest donkeys, who just got there no quite a week ago. His name is GORDON, and he is an absolute cutie, very friendly and cuddly.
We spend a couple of hours there and enjoyed our time with the animals. It is such an amazing place, and if you love animals and love peace and tranquility , it is the right place to be.
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