Monday, August 12, 2013

It's a been a little bit crazy

With the widely publicised arrival of our four new donkeys it's been a little bit crazy out on the farm. TV reporters, radio news shows, newspaper reporters and of course the amount of visitors wanting to get a glimpse of the baby. It's not often that we have a baby, the last one was eight years ago when our Odin was born on the farm after taken in his pregnant mom. Come to think of it, having a baby has only happened about eight times in the twenty plus years the Sanctuary has been open. Not only had all this publicity an impact on the visitors that came out but also on the online and telephone donations we have received over the past week to help with the dire care of these animals. Wow, the out pour has been incredible. So it is great for us to be that busy, even if it leaves some of us in the dust of always lagging behind with our work loads.
On Wednesday I did something at the DSC that I  haven't done since September....volunteered. It was great to be down with the new arrivals and tell people about the rescues and what beautiful animals they are. And they truly are. The baby is cute as a button. Mom Diamond is protective and caring for her new baby while doting over her other two children, Jasper age 2 and Pearl age 3. I had a most enjoyable day, even though I had just had an falling out with one of my best friends and somebody I treasure a lot. After ignoring her all day we were almost good again by the end of the day after each having had our say. Happy about that. I didn't get to be in the office at the DSC a lot over the last two weeks, due to my other job commitment so I spend all day Saturday catching up on my donations and letter writing. It's nice to be all alone in the office you can get a lot done. Later in the afternoon the boss came out as we had made some plans for dinner that evening. It feels weird going for dinner with  your boss but at the same time it feels great, we have an awesome relationship at work and outside work. And yes we are as different as night and day and we fight like cats and dogs at times. Yikes! Oh well, it's a fine line lol.
Talking about bosses, I also had lunch the other day with my former boss from the centre, so it was nice to get out and away from the desk and it was nice to do some catching up with each other.
It's been a busy, emotional week and here is to a new one......after all it's Monday. Have a happy week.


missy said...

glad everyone is safe and sound..Thanks for giving them a safe home..Pictures??

Tina said...

Pictures coming soon...:) can't wait to show them off.