Monday, August 05, 2013

Donkeys rescued by SPCA

The Hamilton-Burlington SPCA has rescued five donkeys and a foal.
On Saturday August 3, 5 donkeys and one foal began a journey to health. These animals have experienced long-term significant neglect and their physical and emotional health is very poor. Donkeys are normally highly social animals and they love the company of people; however this group - with no names –are almost feral from neglect.

These 5 donkeys and one foal need your help. Your donation dollars are needed to assist in the care of these lovely animals and support immediate vet care and follow up, proper nutrition, grooming and transportation. Our immediate concern for the donkeys is hoof care. Donkeys’ hooves require regular trimming and if not trimmed will continue to grow until they resemble an elf shoe. This makes walking very difficult and eventually results in lameness. This condition can be corrected; it is a very long process as the hooves can only be cut back a small amount at a time.

And where are these donkeys now? Lucky for the HBSPCA The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada was quick to lend a hand in the rescue. These guys are the donkey experts! The care of 3 of the adults and the foal was immediately transferred to the Donkey Sanctuary and they will provide medical care as well as the love and time that it will take to rehabilitate their newest friends. The remaining 2 adult donkeys have been placed in the care of the HBSPCA. They too need significant veterinary, hoof, and coat care and will be placed at an appropriate foster farm to continue to heal until they are ready to be adopted.

Many people are aware that the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA Protection Department deals with cases of cruelty and neglect to household pets, like cats, dogs, rabbits and birds. Our Protection Officers are also called upon to investigate cases of neglect in livestock and farm animals including donkeys. This was the case on Saturday Aug 3/13 when the health and welfare of 5 adult donkeys and 1 foal was in jeopardy.

PLEASE HELP. Any amount, large or small, is appreciated. Dollars for Donkeys Donations can be made through the HBSPCA at or through The Donkey Sanctuary at

Thank you so much to everybody who has donated so far...donations are slowly pouring in and every little bit helps.

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