Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Still here!

Wow I can't believe how little I blogged in the last little while, some was due to lack of time, some was due to lack of "feeling it" and some was just an overabundance of things to catch up on. Well never really thought anybody would miss reading my blog anyway as it is just a capture of my doing and thoughts so I won't forget from one day to the next what is or was happening. A long time friend of mine from school sends me ecards ever so often, and most of them are with donkey pictures, like the above one and I love them all and I am sorry if I am such a slacker in answering emails or keeping more in touch, I know I need to work on that! Majorly!!!!! I can always try to do better in that way, as I get many complaints from family as well that I don't write.
So, what have I been up to in the long absence from blogging? Well not much and yet tons of stuff has happened. First I was sick and I mean sick, so sick that I even missed 10 days of work and didn't start feeling better until the weekend of the annual Stitching Sister's retreat, from there it has been going upwards with feeling better, however the ongoing health issue persists and I have good days and I have flat out I can't function days....especially after those Gummi bears laced with Peach thing is for sure.....No alcohol, not even a sip! Then there were 2 big volunteer days to organise, another one to do, Donkey Day to get ready for and attend,  budget time, staff evaluations and program wrap up before the summer begins. Between the two jobs working 60 hours a week, not much time to feel like doing anything else, especially when a good chunk of my job is answering emails.
One thing I can say for sure........ I miss my friends, I miss just hanging with the donks, I miss just being. And I am working hard at finding a balance, because I know this is not the way to be.......Oh one other great thing that took place.....An Evening with Oprah! Fantastic and it gives you new incentive to do and be better.
So I am working on it......:)
As for today...Road Stitch it Central in Ingersoll......I need time to stitch not more stash to stitch!!!


Sharon said...

You have been busy! So sorry you were so sick though, that's always a miserable thing. Sounds like you are over it now! Nice to see you!

Tina said...

Thanks Sharon!