Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for ....

Probably after Donkeys my other most favourite animal, again by some seen as nuisance but then people are just ignorant and not appreciate things for what they are and don't respect animals and their place in our world.  Not too long ago I watched 'Nature of Things' with Dave Suzuki and it was all about squirrels, it was absolutely fascinating. It was titled appropriate " Nuts about Squirrels". To watch the entire episode you can visit "The Nature of things" episode "Nuts about Squirrels".
From the day we moved into the house we live in now, I was in heaven. Our backyard is full of big ole trees and it's a haven for squirrels. Squirrels get to know your habits and adapt accordingly and that is so very true with our own squirrels. You can see them running down the hill towards our garden as soon as someone opens the patio door. They know somebody will come out hopefully with food and drop someting or feed them intentionally. They also know they are safe here and will not get chased away by anything, our cats have adapted well to them. And before we took our little Jack, the cat, in he was living outside with the squirrels, waiting at the patio door for food. I think that's where he developed his love for peanuts. To this day he steals peanuts out of the bowl, cracks their shells and eats them. Silly cat!
There is nothing more entertaining to watch squirrels, especially in the spring when they just seem to be full of joy and mischief. We have only little squirrel that tosses sticks up in the air and then tries to catch them and rolls down the hill with them in his mouth. I have seen squirrels run off with our suet birdfeeders in their mouth, watched them swing on broken tree limbs, and it seems all just for fun. I could spend hours just watching them. In the first little while I named all the squirrels that came to the garden, but as I have become busier with work outside the home, it's been hard to keep track of who is coming and going but I really should try to make an effort on getting to know my furry backyard neighbours. :)


Pam Margolis said...

i didnt know donkeys had enemies.

Catherine Bradley said...

Tis is an amazing blog i have so much to learn from you martina xo

Tina said...