Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for...

I always loved raccoons, never seen one while growing up in Germany, so coming here was like I was living in a dream world with all these different animals that frequent our backyards. For some raccoons represent a nuisance, creatures that wreck havoc at times in people attics, with garbage and whatever else they can get their little hands on. Ok given I have never had damage done to anything by a raccoon so I still see them in my eyes as the ever so cute, intelligent, clever and inventive animals that they truly are. Raccoons have adapted well to city life, they have amazing dexterity and use their front paws to pry things open, turn knobs and handle objects.
In Ontario, raccoons breed from January to April; gestation is eight weeks, whelping season is March to June, litter size averages three to five young, which are mobile at seven to eight weeks old and are weaned by late summer. The cubs may stay with the mother over the winter. Occasional late births may occur in mid-summer. Last summer we had the pleasure of observing on numeral occasions a family of five making our backyard their playground. It was such amazing and so cute at the same time. At times we could be out in the backyard with them and just watch closely as they looked for food under the bird feeders and the gardens. 
People get so obsessed with their own things that they don't stop and think how they contribute to the problems and situations these little critters can get into. There are plenty of things we can do to deter them from causing destruction and mischief, and it shouldn't be setting traps and destroying them. Also a reminder if you remove a big raccoon during breeding season or shortly after, make sure you don't make some innocent babies orphans by your actions. 
They are part of our planet and should be given the respect and care that any living creature deserves. It's all about sharing our space with all. 

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Unknown said...

Hi Tina. Racoons, like all God's creatures, are a beautiful wonder. I love your snapshot of the two little critters. Did you take that yourself? God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living