Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for...

A short while ago we actually had a pony at the Donkey Sanctuary. He and his two donkey friends were rescued from a closing petting zoo. Omg he was the cutest little guy I have ever seen. Since horses and donkeys' needs are so different we couldn't keep Honey and after a few weeks in quarantine with his buddies, Honey was turned over to a brandnew pony rescue nearby. We were all so sad to see him go, mostly because he would miss his two donkey friends and just because he was so cute, even our barn manager was in love with him and we thought of ways to keep him, even thought we could pass him off as a mini mule. lol...but in the end we did what was best for Honey to give him the best care possible. Honey now resides at the Winddancer Pony Rescue and he is a happy little pony there. I know they do great work there, well after all they are modelled after us. :) . We keep in touch with them there and get regular updates on him. The latest was that Honey was moving to a Foster farm, he will get all the attention there that he deserves. But I still miss cute little face.


Inger said...

That is a sweet face. I miss the donkeys from the rescue here and hope they are doing OK in Texas.

Unknown said...

That is so sweet that you kept up with what was going on with Honey! There's a small hobby farm close to where I live and they have two of the cutest, sweetest, little donkeys that I've absolutely fallen in love with! They're such a misunderstood animal.